News: A Last Act of Charity now available on pre-order

Charity frameYou’ll still have to wait until September to read ‘A Last Act of Charity’ by Frank Westworth, but you can place your order for the first book in the Killing Sisters series now at Amazon.

‘Guns, girls, guitars and scenes of gruesome violence, all shot through with a wit sharp enough to draw blood.  With terse and brilliant prose, Westworth delivers a plot that drags you along relentlessly.  Loved it, unconditionally.’

R J Ellory, award-winning author of A Quiet Belief In Angels and ten other worldwide best-selling thrillers


JJ Stoner once killed people for a living.
In the military his kills were government-sanctioned. As a mercenary they were privately contracted. He doesn’t mention the other kills, those of his own initiative.
Highly-trained, finely-honed and used hard, Stoner now seeks not to kill as he investigates underworld activities for official intelligence agencies, an entirely deniable operative in sleazy situations. Less the blunt instrument, more the swift stiletto.
A series of brutal, blood-soaked murders look to be right up Stoner’s street. When the investigation spirals in queasy circles, JJ seeks release in the music of the blues and in weird sex with treacherous women. An old army comrade, equally lethal and with less to lose, steps out of the shadows. Is he friend or foe? And who are the seductive killing sisters? Stoner must find focus, find the killer, maybe even find himself.
The time has come for Stoner to kill again…


A Last Act of Charity will be published in September 2014 in large-format paperback and ebook, and you can pre-order it here

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