First Contract: meet JJ Stoner in a quick Kindle thriller

FirstContractFINALIn ‘First Contract’ we meet JJ Stoner and the Hard Man, central characters from the Killing Sisters series of novels.

A decade ago, JJ Stoner was a soldier. He killed people for a living and made no bones about it. On a scorching day in the Iraqi desert, when British blood stained the sand, he over-stepped the mark. Men died in compromising circumstances: too many men for an easy explanation.

Faced with a dishonourable discharge and accusations of murder, Stoner accepted an offer from a stranger who represented an intelligence agency. Suddenly, Stoner found himself half a world away and about to execute his first private contract…

‘First Contract’ is available from Amazon for Kindle readers. It’s a complete, stand-alone short story with its own plot and resolution, intended to provide a couple of hours of entertainment and introduce readers to JJ Stoner’s murderous world.

As well as a complete, stand-alone story, this Kindle edition of ‘First Contract’ includes an excerpt from ‘A Last Act of Charity’ and a sneak preview of the second book in the series, ‘The Corruption of Chastity.’

The first full-length book in the Killing Sisters series, ‘A Last Act of Charity’, is published in September 2014.Charity frame

Writing about ‘A Last Act of Charity’, R J Ellory, award-winning author of ‘A Quiet Belief In Angels’, said:

“Guns, girls, guitars and scenes of gruesome violence, all shot through with a wit sharp enough to draw blood. With terse and brilliant prose, Westworth delivers a plot that drags you along relentlessly.

“Loved it, unconditionally.”

The author of the Killing Sisters series, Frank Westworth, shares several characteristics with JJ Stoner: they both play mean blues guitar and ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Unlike Stoner, Frank hasn’t deliberately killed anyone. Instead, he edits RealClassic magazine and has written extensively for the UK motoring press.

Find ‘First Contract’ at

Find ‘First Contract’ at

Find ‘A Last Act of Charity’ at


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