New Books: just published. Sheer murder!

A rapid round-up of new crime-thriller, murder-mystery and crossover titles from new writers, independent authors and small publishers. Plenty here to choose from for your holiday reading selection…

DevilTHE DEVIL’s HANDSHAKE by Michael Regan: an ex-SAS solider turned oligarch treads a dangerous path within a spiralling circle of treachery that governs the new cold war fought between the nations of the world. Initially available on Kindle for under two quid.

INVASION OF PRIVACY by Ian Sutherland: an elite computer hacker specialises in targeting the weakest link in all computer systems: the people who use them. But when he inadvertently stumbles across a serial killer’s online hunting ground he becomes caught up in a desperate race against time to uncover the killer’s identity. Meanwhile, a DI in the Met Police, is baffled by the brutal rape and murder of a young woman. As computer hacker and police detective embark on an uncomfortable collaboration, another unsuspecting victim is lured to her death . . . Out on August 7th.Invasion of Privacy


outofBoundsOUT OF BOUNDS by Simon Duke: Framed for murder and trapped in a conspiracy set in motion by a narcotics trafficking network, cash-strapped Kyle Hunt soon regrets accepting an easy and well-paid job. With the escalation of violence around him, Hunt must push himself to the limit to save his loved ones. Defeat is not an option. Available at Smashwords.

THE SIXTH RICHARD STILMAN by Stuart Farquhar is actually the first in a new series of murder-mysteries and is FREE for a limited period from the author’s website.

THE CHICKEN & THE QUAIL by Nissar Ahmed A Naik is a cross between a detective story and sci-fi, inspired by a real-life science project. Available in paperback or currently as a bargain  ebook:

MICAH, SEVEN FIVE by Howard Robinson kicks off with a corpse stuffed into a black carrier bag and dumped outside a charity shop. DI Jack Munday and his team scramble to piece together the man’s identity. The trail leads them into the excesses of London’s highly paid bankers, where a lifestyle of drugs, sex, risk-taking and flamboyant living come easily. Apparently, this is author Howard Robinson’s second crime novel – his previous one was published over a decade ago. Available now as an ebook or paperback

A SHORT FILM ABOUT SERIAL KILLING by Alex Radcliffe caught our attention for a couple of obvious reasons. Despite the title, it’s a novel and not a film. And intriguingly, the serial killer in question is female, and the story takes us ‘into the minds of the serial killer and her victims… Available now at AmazonA short film

THE SEVENTH MASTER by Aldo Calogero combines Eurocrime and speculative crime crossover combined, says the author, ‘in a slightly bizarre and mainly ironic way.’ The English version is now available.

In THE SPECIAL ONES by EN Obiang, a Russian scientist develops a drug to create Super Soldiers. Fifty years on, China’s empire covers the world apart from the Alliance (England, France, Germany, and Russia). Determined not to succumb to the Chinese regime, they create protectors using a modified version of the original drug… Available in several editions including ebook.

?????IN A RIGHT STATE by Ben Ellis is a near-future dystopian satire: In 2066, living in a country where big corporations are constantly undressing you with their spies isn’t much fun. If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear … right? Thrown together by circumstance, a mismatched trio become entangled in a dangerous quest for truth with Pharmara Security hot on their heels. But if knowledge is power, how is it that those in power are such idiots? This full-length novel is available as an ebook right now

THE WITNESS by EJ Henry is out on August 1st, a story of how a chance encounter can change everything. George Fellows witnesses the bizarre murder of a former priest and then… in the short space of seven days, thisThe-Witness normal man loses everything: his family, his career and ultimately his life. 21 years later the final confessions of a dying priest shed light on the circumstances surrounding his death. Who will take revenge and why? See the author’s website to pre-order.

if you have any other crime, thriller, sci-fi or crossover titles you’d like to recommend then feel free to post the details on our Facebook page and we’ll share them around…

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