Ripping Reading: new titles and offbeat books

A rapid round-up of crime-thriller, murder-mystery, sci-fi, fantasy and crossover titles from new writers, indie authors and small publishers. Plenty here to top up your ‘to-read’ shelf after the summer holidays…

Cold and BrokenA COLD AND BROKEN HALLELUJAH by Tyler Dilts: investigating the human condition. Long Beach Homicide Detective Danny Beckett is called to a grisly crime scene at the mouth of the Los Angeles River. A defenceless homeless man has been burned to death by three teenagers with gang ties. The suspects are already in custody, and the evidence is overwhelming—but when one suspect’s brother is targeted for murder, Danny starts to think there may be more to this seemingly clear-cut case. Obsessed with discovering the true identity of the victim, a gentle vagrant who may have been hiding a tortured past, Danny and his team start to uncover a high-reaching conspiracy that puts them all at risk… Tyler Dilts writes gritty and compulsive thrillers which pack a substantial intellectual punch with genuine emotional resonance. Expect social reality interwoven with a compelling plot. Available as a paperback or ebook


TimestormTIMESTORM by Steve Harrison: an 18th century adventurer slip-slides into 2017. TimeStorm is a thrilling epic adventure story of revenge, survival and honour set in a strange new world of unfamiliar technology and equally unfathomable social norms. In the literary footsteps of Hornblower, comes Lieutenant Christopher ‘Kit’ Blaney, an old-fashioned hero, a man of honour, duty and principle. After taking control of a convict ship bound for Australia, surviving its shipwreck and being ruthlessly pursued, Kit finds himself in Sydney in the 21st century… Initially available as an ebook, TimeStorm will also be published in a paperback edition in November


TwoWrongs LRTWO WRONGS by Frank Westworth: love, death, sex and a cast-iron alibi. A stand-alone short story which starts with great sex and ends in sudden death. US Navy SEAL Stretch McCann believes he’s met the girl of his dreams. Trouble is, she’s married to someone else; another military man not inclined to suffer rivals lightly. When she’s involved in a crippling car crash, Stretch loses much more than just a lover. He and she have been significantly wronged… in more ways than one. Enter an altogether unusual Englishman, JJ Stoner, covert investigator and occasional assassin. Stoner offers Stretch an opportunity for action. Can Stretch set things straight, no matter what the cost? And why, exactly, have the FBI taken a sudden and unwelcome interest in Stoner?

As well as a complete, stand-alone story, TWO WRONGS includes an excerpt from ‘A Last Act of Charity’ and a sneak preview of the second book in the series, ‘The Corruption of Chastity.’ Available as an ebook from Amazon.


LightofMadness2IN THE LIGHT OF MADNESS by Hemmie Martin: a beautifully crafted leading lady. A murdered boy in a Cambridgeshire graveyard sets in motion an investigation into the local church and school, with suspicions of a cult murmured throughout the community. With their first case, DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox explore the various levels of desperation and malice that can stem from an unhappy or dissatisfied life, where no one takes responsibility for their actions. They quickly find that everyone harbours a secret which, left uncontrolled, can bring forth devastating self-destruction. Available in paperback or ebook formats.


Zero CollyerZERO by JS Collyer: futuristic action-adventure in near-Earth orbit. After a space skirmish which goes horribly wrong, Kaleb Hugo is drummed out of military service for disobeying orders and saving lives. He’s secretly reassigned to be captain of the Zero, a privateer black-ops craft tasked with mopping up the worst scum of the solar system to keep the system safe. As the non-stop action unfolds, Hugo’s team uncover a conspiracy intended to trigger civil war. The hunters becomes the hunted as they blast between lunar colonies, lonely outposts and planet side installations, never certain who they can trust… Available in paperback and ebook formats.


ProgenyKillerPROGENY OF A KILLER by Jean Shorney: going undercover against the IRA. Undercover agent and assassin Aidan McRaney is on a mission to infiltrate the lair of fellow Irishman, Daniel Corrigan. Aidan’s orders are to obtain proof that Corrigan is involved in paedophilia and white slave trafficking before he delivers the final coup de grace; Corrigan’s elimination. But Aidan has no knowledge of his own family history, and that his mother once had an affair with an IRA man. The links between Aidan and Corrigan set events spinning beyond the agent’s control – and then Aidan’s 11 year old is kidnapped and threatened… Available in ebook and paperback


UrbanMythic2URBAN MYTHIC 2: the real world subverted by the supernatural. In this second collection of ‘what if?’ short stories, a dozen accomplished authors weave tales of weird wonder which cross the boundary between the here-and-now and the timeless creatures which lurk in the shadows. Includes ‘The Mermaid’ by Tanith Lee, ‘Blood*uckers’ by Choco Kidd, ‘Trapped in the Web’ by Pauline E Dungate and Adrian Tchaikovsky’s ‘Where the Brass Band Plays.’ Available in paperback at Amazon


PERFECT_CORPSE_Front and back2THE PERFECT CORPSE by Giles Milton: top-notch Nazi techno-thriller. When a frozen corpse is found in the Greenland ice, forensic archaeologist Jack Raven is hired to investigate. He is suspicious from the outset. The corpse is not only naked, but in an absolutely pristine state. The body belongs to a WW2 American serviceman named Ferris Clark, or so Jack is told. But as he unravels the mystery of Ferris’s final hours, he discovers a far more sinister story. He also finds himself caught in a race against time. There is a murderer on the loose and Jack alone can stop the killings. But first he must solve the greatest mystery of all. How did Ferris Clark die? And why? Available as an ebook or paperback


ReallyWantItI REALLY REALLY WANT IT by Richard Hennerley: death, sex and celebrity. This dark and irreverent take on celebrity-obsessed culture encompasses suicide, murder, drugs, blackmail and all-out bad behaviour. It starts with Andrew Manning, one of celebrity’s back room boys, a special agent to a stellar list of stars. Andy is a wealthy and powerful man who knows where the bodies are buried. One of his clients, a chart-topping singer, fashion icon and foul-mouthed homophobe, wants a divorce from her closeted gay Premier League footballer husband. A reality TV star needs Andy to save him after he launches an expletive-laden attack on The Queen on live television. Then Andrew’s lover begins a descent into celebrity-induced psychosis and a blackmailing paparazzi appears on the scene, and things start to get really out of hand… Available in paperback and ebook formats


Seb CageSEB CAGE BEGINS HIS ADVENTURES by Terry Tumbler: otherworldly encounters. An out-of-this-world adventure begins when 13-year-old Seb goes to stay with his grandparents in Spain for the summer. Seb starts investigating some highly unusual occurrences involving a race of very short people, and soon becomes involved in a strange summer camp where learns he special skills from teleporting to walking on water. This summer camp has a serious purpose: Seb and his friends have been specially selected and trained to protect the human race and they experience a series of adventures between dimensions, encountering strange beings as they’re introduced to the wonders of future science. But will the talents of these highly skilled youngsters be called upon? Check the author site for availability:

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