Book Signing: meet the author on Weds 8th October

FB MeetAuthorJoin author Frank Westworth for an evening of conversation about his new crime-thriller series on Wednesday 8th October 2014. Frank will be signing copies of A LAST ACT OF CHARITY, the first novel in the Killing Sisters series, as well as answering questions about the his literary anti-hero, JJ Stoner, that well-known motorcyclist, musician… and murderer.


‘This is a novel of great complexity. The writing is clever and inventive, paying few dues to existing genres or styles, and certainly does not wear any of the conventional crime fiction labels. There is a hint of Derek Raymond in the more visceral physical descriptions and the sense that we are looking at a dark and dystopian oil painting… Stoner’s final speech is almost Shakespearean in its bitterness and helpless anger.’

Crime Fiction Lover


The evening starts around 7-7.30pm at Cleobury Mortimer Library, Love Lane, DY14 8PE, which is around a half-hour drive from the M5/M42. If you haven’t yet bought your copy of A LAST ACT OF CHARITY then Frank will have a few copies with him. But – just like Stoner – Frank tends to travel by motorcycle so won’t have too much carrying capacity!

So it might be better to bring your own copy of CHARITY with you. Paperback editions are generally delivered within 24 hours, or alternatively there’s an ebook edition which currently costs just £3.35. Although we’re not exactly certain how you get the author to sign an ebook. Consider it a challenge… 

Frank’s looking forward to answering your questions about CHARITY, the character of JJ Stoner, writing fiction, the Stoner short stories, why JJ rides a Harley, why he likes to write about interesting women, which authors have influenced him… and what you can expect in future short stories (which tell of the earlier career of JJ Stoner, before the events that take place in CHARITY), and in the next book in the series, THE CORRUPTION OF CHASTITY.

So be in Cleobury Mortimer on Wednesday 8th October 2014 to join the fun!




If you belong to a reading group or book club and would to host a similar event, drop a line to . Frank would be delighted to introduce you to the Killing Sisters…


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