The Corruption Of Chastity prowls towards publication

Chas2The second book in Frank Westworth’s Killing Sisters series is scheduled for publication in September this year. While Frank has been correcting the manuscript ready for typesetting, we’ve been working on a snappy synopsis for the back cover (and that’s why it’s been a bit quiet around here recently!) So here’s a sneak preview of what in store, including a special, behind-the-scenes view of three different interpretations of the same book. One of those might make it into print…



The solitary female sniper squints against the scorching desert sun. Takes the shot. Men die.

The solitary female assassin slashes her target’s artery. Fades into the Alpine forest. Men die.

The betrayed covert operative silences his sadness with the howl of blues music and carnal recreation.

What will happen when Chastity, the ice-cold contract killer, encounters underworld investigator JJ Stoner?

‘Guns, girls, guitars and scenes of gruesome violence, all shot through with a wit sharp enough to draw blood. With terse and brilliant prose, Westworth delivers a plot that drags you along relentlessly.’ Award-winning author RJ Ellory

‘The writing is clever and inventive, paying few dues to existing genres or styles… Stoner is violent, amoral and cynical.’ Crime Thriller Lover

‘Terse and stiletto streamlined and sharp as the blade of a knife.’ Maxim Jakubowski,


‘I forget nothing about you, Chastity. Someone knows what you’re doing; someone who should not, someone whose motives are as unclear as their identities. We’re going to find out who they are, and when we do, we’re going to ask them the why of it. You normally go up against amateurs, maybe a policeman or two. You do OK against people like that. You come up against a pro, a pro spook and you can’t even see where he is. I think you’re great, really do, but I don’t think any of the three of you can survive this.’

The three sisters: Charity, Chastity, Charm. All deadly. All increasingly damaged by their work: the work of killing. To order. Anyone, anywhere, no questions asked. Once it had been Charity who performed the ‘wetwork’, but it broke her in the end. Now the task falls to the beautiful, pale, inscrutable Chastity – who is not chaste at all. Chastity’s targets have good reason to be afraid, but they are not, because they don’t know she’s coming, and by the time she departs they no longer care. But now, someone, somewhere, does know. Chastity’s cover is compromised, and she has become a target herself. Only one man has the knowledge, skills, experience and guile to save the ‘Angel of Death’ from her own demise. But will JJ Stoner cooperate, and if so, why?


JJ Stoner is laying low: the smart move for a covert operator in his precarious position. Betrayed by his mentor and by his woman, Stoner exacted ruthless retribution – and vanished. He silences his sadness with the howl of the blues, and buries his conscience in carnal recreation.

Now the Killing Sisters have caught up with him, but this time they’re not out for his blood. Chastity, the ice-cold contract killer, has been compromised. She’s isolated and exposed, and Stoner is ideally placed to provide tactical back-up. Initially suspicious, he becomes morbidly attracted to her disintegrating identity and warped sexuality. Together, they bring death to their targets without hesitation, by the blade, by the bullet and with their bare hands.

Stoner lays a trap for whoever set up Chastity, unaware that while the pair indulge their shared passions they too are being stalked by an unknown opponent with an appalling agenda…


 So which version do you prefer? Comment below or hop over to Facebook to share your thoughts with Frank the author and the MMM team.

The Corruption Of Chastity will be published in September 2015, in paperback and ebook editions



2 thoughts on “The Corruption Of Chastity prowls towards publication

  1. Of the two versions, I think that the first is the better – the second appears to include possible spoilers – though probably some elements from the second version could be incorporated in the first.

    Of course, you could use both as publicity material, selecting which, according to the media you are using them in.

  2. The shortest version — the one at the top — is the one we’ll use on the jacket. And as you say, Chris, we can use the others in other attempts at promo! It’s always interesting to read views from outside the office — navel-gazing is too easy.

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