Third Person: new British noir


ThirdPersonThe third JJ Stoner quick thriller mixes matter-of-fact violence, brooding humour and the kind of wry, witty dialogue you normally associate with American hard-boiled noir. It helps to have read the first couple of short stories in the sequence, although the events which take place in Third Person don’t require much of an introduction. As with the earlier stories (and the full-length novel, ‘A Last Act Of Charity’), you can’t take anything for granted and it pays to read between the lines.

Stoner is between assignments, it seems, meeting a covert contact in Ireland. The story is set a decade or maybe a dozen years ago, at a time when Stoner’s privately-contracted wetwork takes him to the Emerald Isle fairly frequently… although, knowing Stoner, he could just be in town to play a blues gig. Or on a promise. In any case, he ends up with a gaggle of bad…

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