Two Wrongs: quick thriller FREE this week

TwoWrongs LRTwo Wrongs starts with great sex: ends in sudden death. US Navy SEAL Stretch McCann believes he’s met the girl of his dreams. Trouble is, she’s married to someone else; another military man not inclined to suffer rivals lightly. When she’s involved in a crippling car crash, Stretch loses much more than just a lover. He and she have been mightily wronged. Enter an altogether unusual Englishman, JJ Stoner, covert investigator and occasional assassin. Stoner offers Stretch an opportunity for action…

Can Stretch set things straight, no matter what the cost? And why, exactly, have the FBI taken a sudden interest in Stoner?


Now you can find out for FREE – Two Wrongs by Frank Westworth is available to download from Amazon for a few days only.

Here’s what other readers and reviews thought of Twin Wrongs:
‘Phenomenal story-telling hit me right between the eyes with its hard hitting plot and characters. 5 stars easy for this one. My only complaint, I wanted this to expand into a full book when I hit the last page.’

‘I liked the slick narrative in this book, I really enjoyed the insertion of the FBI agents and their questioning of Stoner. I liked the setting, the atmosphere, the plot, I liked it all. Frank Westworth is an author to watch.’

‘The writing ranges from the eloquently erotic, yet hard-edged handling of the opening sex scene, to the almost staccato gunfire. The ending takes the reader by surprise as it brutally reminds us that this is a short story.’

‘Great stuff. Gritty story-telling at its best, with graphic (but well-written) sex and a plot that fires from the hip. The tightly-written prose has more than a touch of the Elmore Leonard about it – sparse, sharp and often witty as well.’

‘Westworth does something rare and interesting – he puts rounded women at the centre of some pretty macho material. His men are conflicted killing machines, shaped by their military training, and bloodstreams that seem to be 98.7% testosterone. But he combines scenic grit and hardcore themes with an insight and compassion that lend his characters – brutal though their acts may be – a humanity and depth that most story-tellers just fail to see, let alone communicate.’

SIG SauerTWO WRONGS, a short story, features characters from the JJ Stoner / Killing Sisters series. You don’t need to have read any of the other books in the series, it’s fine to start with this one. Here’s where to download a copy for your Kindle or device.

As well as a complete, stand-alone story, TWO WRONGS includes an excerpt from ‘A Last Act of Charity’ and a sneak preview of the second book in the series, ‘The Corruption of Chastity.’

Please note that TWO WRONGS is intended for an adult audience and contains explicit scenes of a sexual and/or violent nature.


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