Book giveaway: one to win

EavesThere’s a chance to win Ian Coates’ international espionage thriller, Eavesdrop, over at Goodreads this month. Follow this link to enter the draw to win a paperback copy, settle down to a ripping read with assorted assassins, modern smugglers and high-tech spies…

Customs Investigator James Winter must overcome all manner of extreme adversaries if he is to save his career – and his life. Winter is an ex-MI5 operative, one who’s been wrongly accused of colluding with a smuggling ring that has a suspicious knack of avoiding the traps set by his team, battling to clear his name. As his wife undergoes cancer treatment, he finds it hard to balance time at her bedside with action to vindicate himself. After his suspension, he sets out to find how the smugglers manage the ring.

An email trails sets Winter into action, tracking down a Mossad spy which lands him right in front of a Syrian hit squad. Eavesdrop explores an even bigger catastrophe as James Winter stumbles into an international mystery involving Mossad, a Middle East terror plot to destabilise Israel and the global political climate. With the help of a dubious partner, Winter risks his life, but will he be able to stop an international conspiracy and clear his name?

This Goodreads giveaway runs until 6 August 2016. Good luck!

Eavesdrop is also available as an ebook at Amazon

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