Exiles: An Outsider Anthology

Outsiders looking inwards: this excellent anthology of intelligent short stories has been republished in a new edition. If you didn’t catch it last time around then grab it for your kindle / device right now…


Exiles PTThis collection of 26 stories is a little different to the average anthology. It weaves between fact and fiction, exploring those remote and lonely places on the periphery of human society. Each of the contributions is a substantial piece of writing – not one of them feels like a filler – and the combined effect of the authors’ different interpretations of the theme almost inevitably saturate the reader’s subconscious contemplations. It’s best read in segments, one or two tales at a time, allowing their intellectual heft and creative construction to settle between sessions. Otherwise, the effect could be a mite melancholic – and anyway, if you read this book too fast then you run the risk of losing the individual voices in the clamour of the crowd.

Exiles starts with an essay, a personal reflection on feelings of isolation abroad – a theme which is echoed throughout the anthology. It…

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