Book bargains: summer sale!

If you need some killer reading to take to the beach then check out Frank Westworth’s Killing Sisters crime-thrillers. The first two books in this critically-acclaimed series have had their prices slashed for summer – well, it makes a change from arteries being opened with wicked black blades… The ebook editions are now under half-price at £1.99 each, while the prices of the paperbacks have been discounted by £3 apiece.

CharityAdFans of intricate Nordic noir will adore A LAST ACT OF CHARITY which features covert operative JJ Stoner. Highly-trained, finely-honed and used hard, Stoner now seeks not to kill as he investigates underworld activities for the intelligence agencies, an entirely deniable operative in sleazy situations. A series of brutal, blood-soaked murders look to be right up Stoner’s street. When the investigation spirals in queasy circles, JJ seeks release in blues music and weird sex with treacherous women. An old army comrade, equally lethal, steps out of the shadows. Is he friend or foe? And who are the seductive killing sisters?

‘The writing is clever and inventive, paying few dues to existing genres or styles,’ said Crime Fiction Lover. ‘Stoner is violent, amoral and cynical.’

‘Guns, girls, guitars and scenes of gruesome violence, all shot through with a wit sharp enough to draw blood,’ said award-winning author RJ Ellory. ‘With terse and brilliant prose, Westworth delivers a plot that drags you along relentlessly.’

The paperback edition of A LAST ACT OF CHARITY now costs £7.99 direct from the publisher

The ebook of A LAST ACT OF CHARITY now costs £1.99 from Amazon and other retailers

FB Chas Ad AltThe action ramps up in THE CORRUPTION OF CHASTITY – imagine what might occur if Jack Reacher had a close encounter with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo… The solitary female sniper squints against the scorching desert sun. Takes the shot. Men die. The solitary female assassin slashes her target’s artery. Fades into the Alpine forest. Men die. The betrayed covert operative silences his sadness with the howl of blues music and carnal recreation. What will happen when Chastity, the ice-cold contract killer, encounters underworld investigator JJ Stoner?

Author Kevin Ansbro reckons this is ‘a thunderous read, laced with sassy dialogue and artistic violence.’ Crime Fiction Lover said ‘the writing is stylish, clever, razor-sharp, and we are left in awe of the Killing Sisters, with all their murderous skills and their sexual savagery.’

The paperback edition of THE CORRUPTION OF CHASTITY now costs £7.99 direct from the publisher

The ebook of THE CORRUPTION OF CHASTITY now costs £1.99 from Amazon and other retailers

Please note that the JJ Stoner / Killing Sisters stories are intended for an adult audience and contain explicit scenes of a sexual and/or violent nature.


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