A Last Act Of Charity: sex, betrayal and murder – a heady concoction!


CharityMaxFrank Westworth has created a cast of characters that are as memorable as they are ingenious and I was enthralled and thrilled right from the start. Having read the first two short stories about Stoner I was eager to get my hands on this full length story and I was not disappointed. There are shadowy characters aplenty and a complicated, challenging plot that kept me on my toes throughout.

The first volume in the Killing Sisters series introduces JJ Stoner, ex-contract killer turned investigator. JJ is pressured by government spooks to throw light on a series of grisly killings in hotel rooms. He suspects a man – perhaps two men – to be behind them, but cannot deduce any logical motive, nor why the bodies, or what’s left of them, are subsequently filmed and the footage transmitted to a website for more general viewing.

The hero is a vividly drawn and entertaining character who gets into several violent situations which he only gets out of by being ever more violent himself. He does all this with little or no emotion but the book fairly speeds along at a breath-taking rate of knots. The overriding plot has been used in several other books that I have read but these pale into significance when compared to ‘A Last Act Of Charity.’
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JJ comes across brilliantly as an anti-hero and some of his lines rival Clint Eastwood at his best! This is the first in a trilogy and I shall definitely be reading the third, as I have also read the second instalment. The ending totally blew me away and I am very happy to give this book five stars, along with the two short stories about JJ Stoner that I read last month.

Reviewed by Digger 95 of Breakaway Reviewers
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A Last Act of Charity is available as an ebook at Amazon
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