Fifth Columnist: just published

FifthCol‘I am,’ said the big man, quietly, ‘your last resort. When all else has failed, the forces of law and order call upon us, the forces of lawlessness and disorder. The big hammer. A final solution. Sir. Ma’am.’
He nodded to them both individually and said no more.

So kicks off the action in Fifth Columnist, the new quick thriller in the JJ Stoner series by Frank Westworth. A bent copper is compromising national security and needs to be rapidly neutralised, but none of the evidence will stand up in court. That’s exactly why men like Stoner operate in the shadows, ready to terminate the target once an identity is confirmed…

‘I’m a soldier, ma’am. The state pays me to kill people the state doesn’t like. It says go here, and I go there. It says, take up this big nasty bang-bang gun and kill that nasty Irish, German, Arab, Russian, Iraqi, Syrian … whatever. I’ve called time on them all. I…’ he stopped. Reboot.
‘I am a soldier, ma’am. Task me and I’ll complete the task. Put your mark on the order and … job done. It’s very simple. This is the law in action. The ultimate sanction. The death penalty.’
‘There is no death penalty in UK law.’
The sergeant smiled at her. ‘You think?’

The Stoner short stories feature characters from the author’s full-length Killing Sisters crime-thrillers. However, you don’t need to have read any of the previous books: you can start right here with Fifth Columnist if you like. Here’s what reviewers are saying about it:

‘I was soon sucked into the story which was about a British army sergeant being hired for a hit by, of all people, the police. The one-liners come thick and fast, there’s innuendo and some great enjoyable word-play, too.’

‘Westworth delivers an engaging read and some of the witticisms between the two main characters are almost Chandleresque in style…’

‘Oh my, this book surely packs a punch. The writing is bold and blunt, with horrific things said in a matter of fact way. “I kill people. That’s what I’m paid to do.” It sends a shiver down your spine.’

As a bonus, Fifth Columnist also includes an excerpt from the author’s forthcoming thriller, The Redemption Of Charm, which will be published in 2017.

‘The novel excerpt begins with Stoner on his Harley in the American north-east, enjoying the scenery. Unfortunately, a group of bikers take exception to him and a little friction results. Here, we get to see action, plenty of it, swift, brutal and bloody, laced with irony and wit.’

Please note: the Stoner stories and Killing Sisters series are intended for an adult audience and contain explicit language and scenes of a sexual and violent nature.

Where to find Frank Westworth’s new thriller:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


Our thanks to Nik Morton,  Wendy Cartmell and Simon Maltman for their feedback about Fifth Columnist


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