Environmentally Friendly: man against nature

environmentallyfriendlyAuthor Elias Zanbaka crams a stack of action into precious few pages in this rapid-fire short story, which turns out to be the perfect length for a coffee break. He breaks almost every writing convention and hurls the reader into a non-stop heart-pumping pursuit through the crowded streets of Los Angeles. The writing is raw and invigorating, and Zanbaka delivers an original idea with blistering enthusiasm.

A deranged but determined military man goes on a rampage, and he’s armed and extremely dangerous. His enemy is Mother Nature herself, but he doesn’t care who he destroys to get his revenge. Naturally, the LAPD and SWAT squads aim to take him down, but one police officer breaks ranks to defy his colleagues – the story is more complex than it initially seems, with genuine depth to the swiftly-sketched characters.

The narrative is occasionally a little confused; the text could’ve been improved by tighter editing, and the plot resolution is outlandish to say the least. But this is a romp: a brutal pursuit with a solid moral message. It may be short but it has masses of impact. As he hones his talent, Zanbaka will be a writer to watch.

Reviewed by Rowena Hoseason
Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka is available as an ebook



I found Environmentally Friendly through the 2017 Mystery Thriller Week – a global event which celebrates the very best in all kinds of crime fiction
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