New books: signed copies!

Frank Westworth’s new crime-thriller – ‘a dark, grievous tale of hanging out with a nihilistic killer and enjoying the ride’ – comes out in ebook and paperback on 28 March. Signed copies, personally dedicated by the author, are available now for worldwide delivery.

Charm FiveStars
In ‘The Redemption Of Charm’, anti-hero JJ Stoner prowls the threatening territory familiar to readers of ‘Galveston’ or ‘The Winter Of Frankie Machine’ but with a distinctly British twist. Imagine what might happen if Jack Reacher lost the only fight that really matters…
Black humour and wry realism underscore intense episodes of brutal, no-holds-barred conflict. Snappy dialogue segues into surreal, sometimes deadly sexual encounters. Finally, Stoner must take his last stand and face his ultimate foe: survival is far from certain.
‘The Redemption Of Charm’ is perfect for fans of Lee Child, Don Winslow and Nic Pizzolatto. It’s the third book in the Killing Sister series but can be read as a stand-alone title. If you haven’t met JJ Stoner before, then you can start right here. Here’s a quick re-cap to bring you up to speed:

The ex-black ops assassin and former soldier has been betrayed three times over. His enemies brutalised his woman, corrupted his best friend. Stoner is now a danger to anyone who knows him. He’s isolated. Neutralised. Vulnerable.
Now he must confront Charm, the final Killing Sister, and find out whether any of his former friends and allies will stand by his side when the bullets start flying.
JJ Stoner has every reason to die.
Can he find a reason to live?

‘The Redemption Of Charm’ is available in paperback at £7.99 or ebook at £2.99 from Amazon
Signed paperback copies are available direct from the author for £8 including UK delivery
Cheque payments to The Cosmic Bike Company Ltd, PO Box 66, Bude, EX23 9ZX
Card payments and international orders can be made via eBay

‘Stoner walked around the static grouping, up to the would-be gunman.
‘This will hurt. It’ll most likely be fatal if you can’t call 911 soon. Hold your windpipe together with both hands and sit down. Keep your head up and wait for assistance. Do not fall asleep. Tell the paramedics that there’ll be nerve damage in your neck, to be careful round back. And have a nice day.’
He slipped the knife out, wiped it on the man’s badge-bedecked jacket, collected his helmet, the revolver, and paused while the players in the minor tragedy before him collected what wits they had.
‘Crash helmets save lives,’ he revealed. ‘Your thought for the day.’

‘The writing is stylish, clever, razor-sharp, and we are left in awe of the Killing Sisters, with all their murderous skills and their sexual savagery’
Crime Fiction Lover
‘Guns, girls, guitars and scenes of gruesome violence, all shot through with a wit sharp enough to draw blood. Westworth delivers a plot that drags you along relentlessly’
Award-winning author RJ Ellory
‘A fast-paced, high-powered thriller. Terse and stiletto streamlined and sharp as the blade of a knife.’
Maxim Jakubowski,
‘When the fighting starts, you want JJ Stoner on your side’
Quentin Bates, best-selling author of the Icelandic murder-mysteries
‘This book is the definition of guilty pleasure with explosions, intrigue, and beautiful murderous women’
Jeffrey Keeten, Goodreads top reviewer


Or start reading Frank Westworth’s quick thrillers straight away:
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