The Redemption Of Charm: a five-star stunner

charmfront‘Stoner walked around the static grouping, up to the would-be gunman.
‘This will hurt. It’ll most likely be fatal if you can’t call 911 soon. Hold your windpipe together with both hands and sit down. Keep your head up and wait for assistance. Do not fall asleep. Tell the paramedics that there’ll be nerve damage in your neck, to be careful round back. And have a nice day.’
He slipped the knife out, wiped it on the man’s badge-bedecked jacket, collected his helmet, the revolver, and paused while the players in the minor tragedy before him collected what wits they had.
‘Crash helmets save lives,’ he revealed. ‘Your thought for the day.’

You just met JJ Stoner in ‘The Redemption Of Charm’ – the new crime-thriller from Frank Westworth. In ‘Charm’, anti-hero Stoner prowls the threatening territory familiar to readers of ‘Galveston’ or ‘The Winter Of Frankie Machine’ but with a distinctly British twist.

Black humour and wry realism underscore intense episodes of brutal, no-holds-barred conflict. Snappy dialogue segues into surreal, sometimes deadly sexual encounters. Finally, Stoner must take his last stand and face his ultimate foe. Survival is far from certain…

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Classy, stylish and startling
The novel is both stylish and stylised. The dialogue is mannered and full of whip smart responses and put-downs. Immensely entertaining and another bravura performance from Frank Westworth, The Redemption Of Charm is a long highway of intense dialogue and character, with rest areas offering wild violence and inventive eroticism.
FIVE STARS FullyBooked
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One of my favourite authors hits the spot again
JJ Stoner is second only to Jack Reacher as my favourite anti-hero and the author, also in my top five favourite authors, delivers again here. Black humour and wry realism are happy bedfellows with intense episodes of brutal conflict and the dialogue is as snappy as all Frank’s previous novels and short stories. The gruesome scenes are counteracted by a dry and witty humour. A very fine conclusion to a wonderful series.
FIVE STARS Digger95 of Breakaway Reviewers
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A dark, grievous tale of hanging out with a nihilistic killer and enjoying the ride
This contemplative study of the Übermensch in decline, searching for his own meaning, is a slow burn which gets under the skin via vivid, sense-filled writing by an author with a unique voice. I’m seduced by Stoner and his world but I want to love him for the right, redemptive reasons. Instead I find myself looking on as a voyeur with a monstrous fascination.
FIVE STARS Eden Sharp, author of the Vigilante Investigator Justice Series
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Suspense from the start: a great story
Another great tale. It’s dark and gritty but Stoner adds his own humour which makes it fun. Stoner slowly puts the pieces together and this is where Frank Westworth really shines… the suspense. You never know when a big event will happen and that ending certainly had the bang I was after. You can’t help but want to read more to find out what the hell is going on and who Stoner is going to kill. It’s all mystery and suspense building into one hell of a thrilling final act.
FOUR STARS David’s Book Blurg
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Another amazing instalment in the Killing Sisters series
JJ Stoner’s encounters stateside and then back in England punctuated a captivating story, which I truly recommend to fans of Frank Westworth and to newcomers with an interest in the witty and gritty. Westworth’s writing grows on you and improves with each new book. Vivid, hard-hitting, satisfactory story-telling.
FOUR STARS Simon Duke, crime fiction writer
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A skilled veteran of the genre, which sets the bar for its peers
An excellent piece of writing and a fine demonstration of Westworth’s skill using clever little quirks to his characters’ dialogue and even the sentence structure during exposition. Short, punchy comments and dialogue, loaded with vitriol and intent are perfectly utilised to convey emotion and pace in the narrative. This is a seasoned writer doing what he knows best.
FIVE STARS Mark Wilson, best-selling Amazon author
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The Redemption Of Charm is available as an ebook or paperback at Amazon, or signed copies are available direct from the author


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