A Last Act of Charity: ‘Kill Bill’ meets Jack Reacher


CharityMaxHold on to your seats for this one. If you were to combine the Jack Reacher series of novels with the ‘Kill Bill’ films by Quentin Tarantino you would just scratch the surface of Frank Westworth’s ‘A Last Act Of Charity’.

JJ Stoner has spent most of his adult life as a killer. It began in the military and later progressed to work as a mercenary where his expertise was sold to the highest bidder. Of course, there were always the occasional kills done purely for personal pleasure.

Now, Stoner is trying to put that life behind him. However, violence breeds more violence, making this a difficult thing to stay away from. There are a sadistically brutal pair of women known as The Killing Sisters who have Stoner’s attention. He has been working non-violently as a government operative investigating underworld activity.

The brutal murders performed by The Killing Sisters are being investigated by Stoner and this takes him right back to his own roots. Making matters more interesting is the emergence of an old army pal of Stoner’s whose motivation remains suspect.

All of this adds up to a bloody pot-boiler of a novel that is not for the weak of stomach but will thrill those who like their action hard-boiled and hitting you in the jaw like a pair of brass knuckles.

Reviewed by Ray Palen

A Last Act Of Charity by Frank Westworth is available as an ebook or paperback



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