The Stoner Stories: a killer cast of characters

StonerStories ebookMeet JJ Stoner: musician, motorcyclist… and murderer. For years, Stoner has used sharp blades, blunt instruments and his innate persuasiveness to discreetly resolve tricky situations for the British government. During Stoner’s military days his kills were government-sanctioned. As a mercenary they were privately contracted. Some times, they were entirely off the books…

‘When the fighting starts, you want JJ Stoner on your side,’ says Quentin Bates, best-selling author of the Icelandic murder-mysteries.

‘Wildly witty and effortlessly accomplished. Stoner is a virtuoso with both his hands and with silenced firearms.’ And Stoner certainly needs all of his skills in the full-length Killing Sisters novels, when he comes up against the lethal talents of Charity, Chastity and Charm – killer women, one and all.

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‘The writing is stylish, clever, razor-sharp, and we are left in awe of the Killing Sisters, with all their murderous skills and their sexual savagery,’ said Crime Fiction Lover.

Frank’s thrillers are hard-hitting, gritty and pretty explicit, so reader might like to start with the Stoner Stories – a series of rapid read, quick thrillers. These trace Stoner’s progress from his final days as a serving soldier to his first private contract, and into the shadow land of the deniable asset. Only one thing is absolutely inevitable: eventually, everybody dies.


‘This book surely packs a punch. The writing is bold and blunt, with horrific things said in a matter of fact way. It sends a shiver down your spine.’

In the current novel, The Redemption Of Charm, Stoner prowls the threatening territory familiar to readers of ‘Galveston’ or ‘The Winter Of Frankie Machine’ but with a distinctly British twist. Imagine what might happen if Jack Reacher lost the only fight that really matters…

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Black humour and wry realism underscore intense episodes of brutal, no-holds-barred conflict. Snappy dialogue segues into surreal, sometimes deadly sexual encounters. ‘Imagine an intimate encounter between Jack Reacher and the girl with the dragon tattoo: that’s JJ Stoner and the Killing Sisters.’

Finally, Stoner must take his last stand and face his ultimate foe. Survival is far from certain. It a perfect book for fans of Lee Child, Don Winslow or Nic Pizzolatto.

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Award-winning author RJ Ellory was hooked. ‘Guns, girls, guitars and scenes of gruesome violence, all shot through with a wit sharp enough to draw blood. Westworth delivers a plot that drags you along relentlessly.’

All of the JJ Stoner stories and Killing Sisters novels are available at Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks. You can dip a toe in the water withFirst Contract’, a 99p short story which introduces key characters from the series. It’s ‘gritty story-telling at its best, with a plot that fires from the hip.’


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