The Redemption Of Charm: a buffalo on roller skates

charmfront‘The explosion took out four vehicles, shredded the hapless waitress, killed an adulterous couple having unimaginative and tedious sex in the car parked adjacent to the bombmobile, and caused an elderly golfer to suffer a fatal coronary in the club’s bathroom when the windows blew in.
‘An impressive bang. Over dramatic, if anything, but certainly impressive.
‘Chastity sat with Stoner in the camper van. He had collected her from the club’s suddenly hectic car park, removed them from the running and the shouting and had driven to a convenient parking space further down the approach road. He’d also produced cold ginger beer for them to sip in a genteel English manner while waiting to see who arrived at the scene and whether they could recognise anyone.
‘The black smoke cloud, oily and heavy, hung above the club. The silence was considerable…’

You just met JJ Stoner and one of the Killing Sisters in The Redemption Of Charm – the exceptional crime-thriller from Frank Westworth. In Charm, damaged anti-hero Stoner prowls the threatening territory familiar to fans of True Detective or the novels of Don Winslow, but with a distinctly British twist.
Black humour and wry realism underscore intense episodes of brutal, no-holds-barred conflict. Snappy dialogue segues into surreal, sometimes deadly sexual encounters. Finally, Stoner must take his last stand and face his ultimate foe. Survival is far from certain.

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Here’s what recent reviewers have said about The Redemption of Charm:

Unputdownable. A great read
Tightly written, laconic, and it moves along like a buffalo on roller skates. Not a book I could put down without knowing the dénouement – and it’s so full of twists and turns, the reader rarely second- guesses the author. If you like your characters entirely morally ambiguous, with no white or black hats in sight, this is for you.
And the dialogue crackles like Bogart upgraded to the digital age. You’ll love all the major characters- you’d just not want to live next door to any of them…

Fab read
Fast paced and quite wicked. You’ve got to read it to believe it.
FIVE STARS Amazon reviewer

Masterful story telling
The UK’s answer to Robert Ludlum. JJ Stoner is the ultimate badass!

A gripping thriller
Full of action. Hard to put down.

Slow burn to an explosive finish
If this book were a piece of ordinance it would have a carefully calibrated, slow burn fuse snaking around its characters. It would gather pace, lighting the way to its explosive finale. It is brilliantly crafted, full of the sharp dialogue, wit and action that makes the author’s writing so compelling.
There are no heroes here. Scheming, black-hatted villains, yes, but even the white hats are seriously tainted. The quasi-official, always deniable world and mind of the contract killer is laid bare and it makes for some fascinating reading.
FIVE STARS – pah! This one is definitely a ten. MartinP


The ex-black ops assassin and former soldier has been betrayed three times over. His enemies brutalised his woman, corrupted his best friend. Stoner is now a danger to anyone who knows him. He’s isolated. Neutralised. Vulnerable.
Now he must confront Charm, the final Killing Sister, and find out whether any of his former friends and allies will stand by his side when the bullets start flying.
JJ Stoner has every reason to die.
Can he find a reason to live?

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