Free five-star thriller: this week only!

FirstContractFINALThere’s a new JJ Stoner quick thriller out next week. So if you haven’t met Frank Westworth’s complicated contract killer before, now is the perfect time to grab the first story in the series FOR FREE.

First Contract is on special offer for just three days, 14-16 Feb.

Reviewers reckon First Contract is:-
‘Beautifully told and packed with characters and incident’
‘A fast-paced and enjoyable read. It grabs you from the start and keeps you involved throughout.’
‘A fast paced, brutal but enjoyable short story. More action packed into its forty odd pages than most novels.’
‘Hard and gritty in the true Brit Grit sense.’
‘Fine writing wrapped cunningly around a totally credible character.’
‘Just what you need in a thriller – intrigue, beautiful women, weapons, murder, mystery and a leading character who the reader needs to make their mind up about as to whether he is a hero or villain. The dialogue is snappy, the characters are sharply developed, and the plot moves effortlessly forward at a good pace but not too quick. I do like my thrillers laced with dark humour and this story has just the right amount…’

FirstContract 5Stars

Go grab First Contract here:
Amazon UK
Amazon USA


And look out for Six Strings – the new JJ Stoner quick thriller – coming soon!

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