Six Strings: explosive action

SixStringsThumbThis is the sixth JJ Stoner short story and again it hits all the right notes, and in the right order. I have read all the authors short stories and full-length books and, suffice to say, I have a standing order for the next one. In this story, our hero helps out the drug squad in their search for a particularly nasty drug pusher, but information from an old acquaintance of Stoner’s muddies the waters.

As ever, if you like a lot of violence bordering on gratuitous, then this is the series for you. I love it and will continue to do so, I am sure. It will take an average reader two hours to complete this but, my word, how much does the author pack into those 120 minutes! The story is quick, dirty, violent; has double-cross aplenty and is immensely satisfying. I read it on a train journey from Poole to Waterloo and finished it just as we were pulling into the station. Never have I enjoyed a train journey so much.


Like all the other JJ Stoner short stories, this can be read as a standalone thriller, but I would suggest wholeheartedly that you read them all in order to maximise your reading enjoyment. Frank’s writing is very descriptive and flows beautifully.

Another great story with action exploding from each page.

Five stars
Reviewed by Julian at Breakaway Reviewers
Six Strings
by Frank Westworth is available as an ebook



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