Six Strings: dark, raw and captivating

SixStringsThumbA few days ago I picked up another Jack Reacher novel… then put it down. Kinda lost interest in it. I wanted a thriller, but something fresh. I got Six Strings by Frank Westworth. It’s another character-driven crime thriller series, though there’s nothing typical and certainly nothing copycat about it – no one will say this character is a Reacher knock-off. It’s darker, raw, and captivating in its energy.

Guitar playing JJ Stoner is a killer for hire on a badass Harley. He offers no excuses, takes care of the business of killing people that are hardly innocent, and loses his in the process. What makes him real is that he’s at war with himself: his ties to Christianity and criticism of radical Islam play heavily on his cold, bold thought processes. A passage that resonated with me:

“He sang softly to the unamplified chords on the Stratocaster; ‘Born under a bad sign, I been down since I began to crawl…’ “


When the guns came out I couldn’t necessarily smell the oil and see the shining barrels. But I could feel the adrenaline, the urgency and danger – and feel the experience JJ Stoner used to maneuver through the job. Frank Westworth must have been there, is what I felt. The man can write.

I discovered there are several more JJ Stoner books and will be purchasing them and adding them to the very top of my To Be Read pile.

Reviewed by Henry Roi, PR Manager at Crime Wave Press and Near to the Knuckle
Six Strings
by Frank Westworth is available as an ebook


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