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Start a new crime-thriller series with the first of the Stoner stories – and get to know this complicated contract killer. A decade ago, JJ Stoner was a soldier. He killed people for a living and made no bones about it. On a scorching day in the Iraqi desert, when British blood stained the sand, he over-stepped the mark. Men died in compromising circumstances; too many men for an easy explanation.

Faced with a dishonourable discharge and accusations of murder, Stoner accepted an offer from a stranger who represented an intelligence agency. Suddenly, Stoner found himself half a world away and about to execute his first private contract…

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Here’s what reviewers and readers say about this quick thriller:

First Contract sports all the ingredients action-thriller fans crave: a rough-and-tumble protagonist, plenty of action, brutal violence, crackling dialogue, and deftly-handled plot twists.’

‘It has all the qualities you need in a thriller. It has intrigue. It has beautiful women. It has guns. It has murder. It has mystery. It has a hero (make your own mind up as to whether he is a hero or not) and it has the power to make you want to come back for more.

‘I honestly feel like I have read a six hundred page novel and not just a short story. Frank Westworth has an undeniable talent for writing thrillers and packing a story full of all the punches it needs. You get dragged in from the first paragraph.’

‘A punchy and compelling tale of an ice-cold assassin, more nuanced than your average hired killer. The writing is sparse and crisp, the dialogue laced with sardonic British edge.’

FirstContract 5Stars

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