Seven Hells: superbly cinematic

Separate to the Killing Sisters thriller series, this is a standalone novella that features star turn and efficient killing unit, JJ Stoner.

JJ Stoner, ex-military, now black ops, is drinking in a bar with former army colleague, the Hard Man, when the latter draws him into a top-secret mission on British soil. Intelligence reports suggest that there is an imminent terror attack, but the ideology of the terrorists is unclear.

FB 7Hell Gun

Stoner is not your usual hired mercenary and Westworth’s high-octane story is not your usual paint-by-numbers thriller. The battle-hardened characters’ moralities are complex, their decision-making astute. The author’s no-nonsense narrative and first-rate dialogue propel the story at a brisk pace and the depiction of an explosion in a church is superbly cinematic.

There is a steely-yet-playful confidence to the author’s writing and I would urge you to check out his Tarantino-esque femme-assassins, the two killing sisters, in his other riveting reads.

Five Stars
Reviewed by Kevin Ansbro
Seven Hells by Frank Westworth is available at Amazon

FB 7Hell Street

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