Seven Hells: exploring a political thriller

SevenHellsI came to this book having no idea what to expect, aside from what’s mentioned in the synopsis. You learn that it features a terrorist attack which takes place in Britain; there are persons in command such as the authorities; religion and action with a twist of violence. Seven Hells is targeted at readers who enjoy Trevanian, Robert Harris, David Baldacci or Don Winslow. So I stepped out of my shell and decided to go on a whole new adventure.

Did I love this new adventure? Definitely!

I found myself entranced by the way the characters spoke, the way the behaved, the way they moved, handled situations, the way the author, Frank Westworth, used his words. I felt like a kid learning about a new system. A system that has violence and action that is mature. I felt like the author was saying ‘sit back, kid. This is how it’s done.’

When I read a book, I want to connect with the characters, feel what they feel. Westworth delivered that throughout the whole story and, although this is a short read, a lot happens in this story. There were times where I stepped into character, and I felt sophisticated, invincible, strong… like a live scene happening right in front of me and I’m part of the role.

The Hard Man has what I’d call an ‘easy grace’. It makes the minor characters feel threatened by him, which I’d also say gave him a charm. He demands to be listened to and you know that he’s in charge.

Stoner is amazing! He doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about him, and I can connect with that. He has a strong personality, one that is easily likable.

The mood and tone of this book was easily adaptable, it’s what was expected of it and Westworth delivered it well.

I was overly impressed and proud of myself for starting this new genre, and enjoying the journey all the way to the end. I see this book as a way that opens doors to the ‘political thriller’ genre. I’m glad that this is my first political thriller and it has me curious to read more.


Would I read more of Westworth’s books?

Definitely! The first book from an author that I pick up is important. It’s a first impression that determines whether or not I want to read more of his / her works and Westworth certainly has me curious about his other books.

Would I recommend this book to people?

Yes I would. However, readers need to have a basic idea on what kind of a read this is. So I’d recommend it to mature open-minded readers who aren’t picky on a genre. There is a disclaimer that mentions that there is strong language involved.

4/5 stars
Reviewed by Dineo Chantal Motaung: find her on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads

Seven Hells by Frank Westworth is available at Amazon


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