The Stoner Stories: hardboiled humour

stonerstoriespbackFrank Westworth’s Stoner Stories are so damn funny. Probably my favourite merging of genres is crime-comedy. Because of the colourful and dominating personalities in crime fiction, comedy slides in naturally, and when done well, it’s a great mix.

Westworth does it well. There are many examples of the fast-paced and deliciously dry sense of humour but, with me being Irish, this one sticks out: ‘You’re going to Ireland, land of dark unpalatable beer and about the same number of murderous religious nutters as this place.’

That ‘place’ being Afghanistan, where protagonist JJ Stoner, a British soldier, is recruited by the Hard Man, a government higher-up, to become an international assassin, and so the fun begins. And fun is certainly the word for it.

fb-stonerstoriesadWestworth builds tension well, and scenes of action and violence are vivid and well-paced, but the stories never stop being about the fun, and overall this collection has an intentionally silly, over-the-top vibe, similar to the John Wick films.

It’s the right tone to go for with the world Westworth has created here, and it makes the reading of his stories a pleasant escape.
5star Reviewed by Philip Elliott
The Stoner Stories by Frank Westworth is available as a paperback or ebook at Amazon


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