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Stoner’s right hand moved with great speed and considerable accuracy. The forefingers of the hand ran up into the nostrils of the would-be brawler, and Stoner reeled his arm back in, bringing the nose – and attached face – with it and into violent contact with the table top.
Blood – very bright blood – poured from the nose around the fingers anchored in it.
‘Yuk’, Stoner remarked.


That twisted little snippet is just one of the wickedly grisly moments from the new JJ Stoner quick thriller, CzechM8, which will be published on 3rd October 2019. It’s a pithy mix of hardboiled humour and blunt force trauma, recommended for readers who enjoy Elmore Leonard, Lawrence Block and Stephen Leather.

We have a limited number of advance review ebooks available for crime-thriller bloggers and reviewers. Does this sound like a rapid read which you might enjoy?

The life of a contract killer can be complicated.
JJ Stoner’s boss wants him to kill someone.
His best friend’s girlfriend also wants him to kill someone.
His best friend could kill him for getting cosy with the wrong woman.
Stoner just wants to ride his Harley – but the forces of law and order have other ideas…

CzechM8 is a self-contained short story which features characters from Frank Westworth’s Killing Sisters crime-thriller novels and the Stoner stories. It fits in between Seven Hells and A Last Act Of Charity, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story without reading the other books.

If you like the sound of the story, blog about crime-thrillers or murder-mysteries and can review CzechM8 in the next couple of months then please get in touch.

Or cut to the chase and pre-order CzechM8 from Amazon, and it’ll be delivered to your device as soon as it’s published…

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