Giveaway! Win a bumper crime book bundle

Last chance! Enter today for a chance to #win half a dozen gripping #crime #thrillers – including wartime Scandi intrigue, dark serial killer mystery with Dexter and a compelling Cold War spook story…


To celebrate the publication of Frank Westworth’s punchy new quick thriller, CzechM8, which showcases the lethal skills of contract killer JJ Stoner, we’re hosting a monster whopper giveaway. You could win a cracking crime-thriller book bundle — just by answering one simple question.

Nordic noir, gritty Brit crime, a Cold War spy story and Dexter’s debut: they’re all up for grabs! Our bumper book bundle is completed by a signed copy of Frank’s most recent full-length thriller, The Redemption Of Charm. Read on for details of how to enter…

SONY DSCCzechM8 is a self-contained short story which features characters from Frank’s Killing Sisters crime-thriller novels and the Stoner stories. It fits in between Seven Hells and A Last Act Of Charity, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story without reading the other books.

A pithy mix of hardboiled humour and blunt force trauma, CzechM8 features ‘dark wit, saddlebags packed with lethal weaponry…

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