The Conviction Of Cora Burns: a fight for freedom

#BookBargain! One of our favourite books of the year is on special offer right now. The ebook discounted to 99p for a short while – and it’s a cracking historical crime drama. Expect gothic intensity and some gruesome interludes, as well as a wonderfully realised, three-dimensional powerful woman protagonist. Here’s why we loved it…


coraThis might be an historical crime novel, set below stairs in Victorian England, but it’s about a far from cosy crime as you can imagine. This is a gritty, character-driven thriller with a deeply conflicted yet credible protagonist. Cora Burns pretty much sums up the capacity of the human spirit to overcome adversity… although the odds are seriously stacked against her.

Uneducated but intelligent: bloodied but unbowed, Cora has the potential to escape the misery of a shattered family, to escape the consequences of a childhood blighted by poverty and cruelty. Can she overcome this psychologically crippling inheritance? Are we forever fated by the lives of our forebears?

These are the central issues which ‘The Conviction…’ challenges head-on, and it does so with a fine eye for period detail. Author Carolyn Kirby creates an uncomfortably convincing version of 19th century Birmingham. At first it feels a tiny bit like…

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