Last chance to buy signed copies of the Killing Sisters trilogy

Now’s the perfect time to snuggle up on the sofa with a chilling series of crime thrillers. The individual episodes of Frank Westworth’s critically acclaimed Killing Sisters trilogy are available worldwide on ebook at Amazon, but we know some folk prefer to own actual books. The final few paperback sets of signed copies are up for grabs, direct from the author…

Frank’s thrillers were inspired by the complex characters often seen in Nordic noir TV, so they’re perfect for anyone who enjoys hard-boiled crime and blues music. Imagine a cross between The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Jack Reacher and you’re in the right territory. Just be warned: these books are definitely 18 rated!

The Killing Sisters trilogy starts with A Last Act of Charity, continues in The Corruption Of Chastity, and ends in The Redemption Of Charm. Each of these top-quality paperbacks is a chunky read – plenty to see you through the winter…

Bought individually, each book costs £8.95 including UK delivery. Our special offer is for all three titles, signed by the author, for just £25 delivered to the UK (see notes below about international ordering). Or you can buy any of the books separately — just use the links below to pay with a card via PayPal, and you’ll be kneedeep in murder and mayhem in no time…

UPDATE! We have a few final complete sets of the trilogy available, so don’t miss out. There are also some individual copies of ‘Charm’, but it won’t be long before they’re gone as well…

Discount book bundle

All three paperbacks in the Killing Sisters trilogy, signed by the author, including UK delivery


The Redemption of Charm

The final book in the Killing Sisters trilogy, signed by the author, including UK delivery


For prices for delivery to outside the UK, please email and we’ll calculate the cost.

Orders are normally processed within 48 hours and books despatched ASAP but please bear with us during busy periods and the ongoing disruption to normal working routines. We’ll do the best we can to get your books to you as fast as possible!

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