Free ebook: start a killer thriller series

If you’re still shielding or possibly just have some time on your hands, then now might be the perfect moment to begin a new thriller series. Let us introduce you to JJ Stoner, a complicated contract killer, via First Contract which is free until midnight on 17 July 2020. Go grab it now so you don’t miss the special offer!

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First Contract is effectively Stoner’s secret origin, a hard-hitting short story which pulls few punches. Stoner’s military career comes to an abrupt end in questionable circumstances, but JJ’s amoral actions make him an ideal candidate for a shady covert agency. His first test: can he carry out a quiet kill in a civilian situation? Of course he can, but it doesn’t go exactly as planned…

Told with biting wit and dry dialogue, First Contract is ‘a punchy and compelling tale of an ice-cold assassin, more nuanced than your average hired killer. The writing is sparse and crisp, the dialogue frequently laced with sardonic British edge.’

This ‘fast paced, brutal but enjoyable short story’ is also the first in a series of novellas and quick thrillers, which propel Stoner towards his ultimate confrontation with the Killing Sisters in a trilogy of full length novels. So if you enjoy First Contract then there’s lot more to look forward to…

Find First Contract at Amazon:
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
(Also available to download through other international Amazon sites)

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Fair warning: The Stoner Stories and Killing Sisters trilogy are explicit and violent with adult themes, intimacy and language. If you’re easily offended, maybe look elsewhere…

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