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Welcome to MMM: the home of the Killing Sisters series of novels and a whole lot more.

Look out for news and reviews on all kinds of crime and sci-fi fiction — and feel free to recommend you own favourites.

‘A Last Act of Charity’ by Frank Westworth is the first book in the Killing Sisters series, and is available as an ebook and paperback at Amazon or from your local bookshop or library.

Crime Thriller Hound said Charity is: ‘Rich and ambitious, this violent tale plays out with memorable scenes interspersed with writing to savour. A feast of poetic prose wrapped in noir.’

FirstContractFINALTwoWrongs LRYou can meet key characters from the Killing Sisters series in the short story, FIRST CONTRACT, available at Amazon as an ebook. Look out for the Second short story in the JJ Stoner series, TWO WRONGS, which starts with great sex: ends in sudden death  and a cast-iron alibi…

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(Oh, and we’re based in Bude on the wild Atlantic coast of North Cornwall. Which has nothing to do with anything apart from melancholic leanings toward windswept landscapes…)

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